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Our Story

Hera Creations was started to create unique and personalized pieces at great prices. Our philosophy - “Life is too short to wear boring, mass-produced accessories.” You are an individual, your jewellery should reflect that.

We strive to source the very best gemstones and materials. Our aim is to create products that last up to a lifetime. Hera creations has and always will be a passion first and a business second. Each item is made by hand with your specifications in mind. We are all about tailoring it to be exactly what you had in mind.

Hera Creations was founded by myself, Deepa Rama. I am currently a university student in my early 20’s. I have been making jewellery since my age was in the single digits. I remember countless hours of making and designing items from my extremely limited supplies. Since then, I have developed an eye for precious stones and all things beautiful. Starting this was the bravest thing I have ever done. I had no idea that this small business would flourish into what it is today. I would like to think that my young self would be proud of what my passion has grown into.